Candidates for Ramona Gardens Resident Advisory Council are presented. Photo by Antonio Mejias Rentas
Candidates for Ramona Gardens Resident Advisory Council are presented. Photo by Antonio Mejias Rentas

Nominees for the upcoming Ramona Gardens Residents Advisory Council (RAC) were officially presented to the housing complex community at a forum held Monday attended by a few dozen residents

Candidates were presented for all open positions, including two for the Housing Authority Resident Advisory Committee (HARAC), which includes representatives from all public housing complexes in the City of Los Angeles. Ramona Gardens resident Alberto López was nominated for three offices ”“secretary, treasurer and sergeant-at-arms”“ and he indicated he would choose to run for the post of treasurer, for which there are no other candidates.

That leaves the office of secretary with two candidates, Ana Bryan and Raquel Ibarra, although the latter has not officially been confirmed because her eligibility had not been verified by Monday. There are no candidates for the post of sergeant-at-arms.

League of Women Voters representative Helen Medrano, who is managing the RAC elections, said that the newly elected RAC board will have to appoint someone to that office at its first meeting following elections on Oct. 15.

Two candidates each are running for the two top offices: Gabriel Águila and Rosalío Ibarra contend for the office of president and Marlene Arazo and Olga Pérez seek the office of vice president. Ibarra is the current RAC vice president.

There are two candidates for the HARAC: Liliana Martínez and Martha González.

At the meeting, Medrano explained that voting will take place on Oct. 15, between the hours of 4:00 and 8:00 p.m., at the Ramona Gardens gym. Absentee ballots will not be accepted, she told the few residents that attended the meeting, because city regulations require that residents show identification and are checked against a residents’ list before they can cast their ballots.

Medrano said that all residents are encouraged to witness the ballot counting that will take place immediately following the voting process, and that unofficial preliminary results will be available on the evening of Oct. 15. Official results would be made available two to three days after that.

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