Photo by Flickr user Mark Thin/Creative Commons.

Photo by Flickr user Mark Thin/Creative Commons.

The holiday season is full of celebrations. You see friends and family–and if you’re like me, you host dinner parties.

So, if you’re hosting your own this year, and would like to have a couple of tricks up your sleeve, make sure you are well equipped.

To help you on what is mostly a fun–but sometimes stressful– night, here are three festive drinks that will have your guests asking for refills during this holiday season.

A Fresh Gimlet
1 fresh squeezed lime
2 oz of vodka, gin or tequila (your choice)
1/2 oz of simple syrup = [1 part sugar, 1 part hot water]

Add some berries and fresh herbs, like basil, shake it up and you’ll have yourself a fresh green and red delight.

Festive spin on a Washington Red Apple
1 oz crown royal
1 oz sour apple pucker
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Canberry juice
Add cranberries for a festive detail.

Classic coffee and Baileys
I cup of coffee, preferably black
1-2 oz of Bailey’s liquor to your liking
Top it with whip cream and cinnamon. This can be served hot or cold.


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